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Equipment Leasing

A Flexible Solution for Your Business Financing Needs

Equipment financing options allow you to acquire new equipment or upgrade and replace existing equipment while minimizing the negative effect on cash flow typically associated with capital expenditures. Equipment financing also provides increased flexibility and tax advantages and can help preserve existing credit availability and conserve other working capital. Union Bank works with Marlin Leasing Corporation###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Marlin### (Marlin) to provide a wide range of flexible equipment financing options:
  • Include certain “soft” costs, such as shipping, software, and installation, as part of the lease
  • Receive up to 100% equipment financing with no down payment required
  • Benefit from potential accounting and tax advantages depending on your equipment financing structure (consult your financial or tax advisor)
To learn whether equipment financing is the best option for your business, consider this range of flexible options from Marlin that allow you to purchase, upgrade, or return the equipment at the end of your lease.  Custom plans are also available. To learn more please contact our dedicated Marlin Equipment Leasing Representative at 877-307-6756 or contact your nearest Union Bank branch.
Equipment Leasing Plans
Standard Plans Lease-End Options
$1.00 Buy Out For those who are fairly certain they wish to purchase the equipment at the end of the agreement, this is the recommended plan. Once the term expires, the customer simply purchases the equipment for $1.00.
Fair Market Value (FMV) This plan offers the most options both during and at the end of the term for those concerned about obsolescence or those who prefer a small security deposit and a relatively low monthly payment. At the end of the term, the customer has 3 options: extend the term of the agreement, return the equipment, or buy the equipment at its fair market value.
10% Purchase Option This plan offers the customer a fixed purchase option at the end of the term. Upon final payment, the customer can continue to finance the equipment, return the equipment, or buy it at 10% of the original equipment cost.