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Wealth Planning

Whether your future plans depend on building your wealth, preserving your wealth, passing your business to your beneficiaries, or transferring wealth to children, grandchildren, or favored charities, a wealth plan can help you achieve these important goals. Wealth planning is a comprehensive process that helps your family identify, prioritize, and achieve your specific goals and dreams. We offer two wealth planning options to meet your unique needs.

LIFE Map℠ Wealth Planning

If you have more straightforward planning needs this complimentary plan is a flexible, goal-based tool which can provide you with a road map and may include analysis of your assets and liabilities, income and expenses, retirement needs, investments, and insurance.

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Strategic Wealth Plan

If you have more complex planning requirements, we offer a customized, fee-based plan that provides a more in-depth analysis of the components found in a LIFE Map wealth plan while also addressing more complex planning considerations such as estate, business, and legacy planning.

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